Fokus and Scope

The An-Nasyr Journal focuses on the study of da'wah and communication. The study of da'wah and communication which focuses on universal and Islamic values by upholding diversity and humanity. An-Nasyr Journal studies are published based on research results both theoretically and practically, which include:

  1. Journalism: Journalism developed and published follows the rules of scientific work, the values of peace, the environment, and development to achieve the truth obtained through in-depth study.
  2. Public Relations: Public Relations published and developed based on ethics and work mutually beneficial ethics, to build togetherness between institutions, internal and external public.
  3. Intercultural: Intercultural communication studies are published and developed based on multicultural values in various propaganda and communication developments for the realization of a just, authoritative, and civilized society.
  4. Political Communication: Political communication is published and developed based on ethics and morals in realizing and exercising power and harmony of various interest groups for the welfare of society.
  5. New Media and Communication Technology: The study of the novelty of communication science in the form of new communication to simplify forms of communication by using internet media as the main means in the field of information technology. The emergence of new media, especially social media, has led to changes in communication patterns, patterns of interaction, and new habits that are important and interesting things to study and publish in the An-Nasyr Journal.
  6. Culture: Islamic Culture, Local culture, Communication Culture
  7.  Sociology: Social Anthropology, Social Welfare